Friday, October 16, 2009


by Ewong Martines

I imagine us together
trapped under this warm,
furry blanket; our bodies
naked, sweaty, arms
and legs tangled.
In strange synchrony
we shiver, the pulse
of a caged bird waiting
in vain to be freed.
In blinding pleasure
we moan. Wrestle
gracefully. Wander
like the nocturnal waves
of the Pacific. Fluids flow
flesh to flesh, droplets
forming letters to plead:
"Oh Sun, please don't come!"
Our tongues locked in each
other, we gasp deliriously
for air. But we'd rather
suffocate in this musky,
forbidden affair.

revised version:
Us trapped I imagine 
under blanket furry
warm; naked and sweaty
our bodies, tangled legs
and arms.
In strange synchrony shiver
we: pulse of a caged bird
waiting, waiting in vain
to be free.
In blinding pleasure moan
we: like waves nocturnal
of Pacific wander. Let’s
wrestle furtively.
Flesh to flesh
flow fluids; droplets form
letters, plead: "Oh Sun,
must not come!"
Locked our tongues
in each other—O how we gasp
for air! But choke together
we'd rather in musky
mad affair.

*Artwork: "Embrace" by Deborah Howard


  1. Beautiful poem and artwork! Who made the painting?

    Take care,


  2. Hi Ivan! Thanks for commenting. It's by Deborah Howard, titled "Embrace." Oh I used one of your paintings in an older post. Hope it's alright.


  3. Thanks, Ewong! It's a powerful piece.

    As for using one of my paintings, I think you asked me for permission before you posted it, which I appreciated. Thanks for checking in about it again!

    Take care,