Sunday, February 20, 2011

This is not about violence

by E. Wong
for the Zusuaregi drunkards on Saturday night

And so when I stab my chest
it isn’t to kill myself fast
but to prove if rumors are true
that what lies beneath contains
all my yearnings and madnesses
But though a magical dagger
I use, there’s still no

for my brain has long been dead
And so I have to smash my head
against the wall—not cement
but wood, for I like the scent
of varnish conjuring memories,
mostly romantic, the rest
erotic—but what else
on my mind

but fairy tale envisagements?
Yet I am still standing, so I chop
off my feet that had walked towards
your home, which felt like my home
Next gone are my trembling hands
which once upon a time
held your hands

Now with all this deep red dripping,
splattering—you might as well swim
in my sea of blood which tastes
sweet without the bitterness
of the living

And my cadaver: no longer one
body, but chunks and pieces,
little bodies with no sense
of heart or mind, of pain
or hunger or sadness

But then, even without
orchestral music— violets,
yes, violets, and more violets,
fragrant, beautiful flowers spring
from my corpse all of a sudden—

Oh what a lovely night
to die again

Artwork is a painting at the Louvre in France


  1. I like the poem. So serious and candid and yet, very entertaining as words got all together in a poem.

    One time in my life, I was there...checking if...

    'rumors are true
    that what lies beneath contains
    all my yearnings and madnesses'

    Keep writing.

  2. Hi Fernand,

    thanks so much for your kind words. Yep, I don't think I could ever stop writing now...