Friday, September 18, 2009

Beautiful Sin

by Ewong

I want to touch your face again
and kiss the mole on your cheek.
I want to hit you in the arm
and embrace you afterward.
I want to be hugged by you,
and suffocate in your tenderness.
I miss the way you brush my hair
with your frail, lovely fingers.
I long for our long and gentle
and wet and savage kissing,
even the brief, impeccably timed
(not-so-private place) sessions.
Everyday I reminisce when we made out
in the (not-so-private place)--
the thrill and the passion,
the odd pride of having done it.
I yearn for our nights together,
naked and exhausted and guilty
like two criminal lovers.
Without your hickeys on my neck and chest,
I feel incomplete and worthless.
I still crave for your body,
and your nipples I loved to suckle,
and your smell, and your little hairs,
and your deep, sweet navel.
I would die to taste
your every inch once more.
We have been sinners, (your name),
but you are one beautiful sin
I would gladly commit
over and over and over again.