Monday, January 28, 2013


by Ewong
for the Sharp Islander

You sang in such a soft tone | Can’t look at the stars now
a line from an unknown song | that I couldn’t learn anymore
now that there is | no more reason | to sing since you left

I still don’t know what it was | that captured me | was it your
sweet, unassuming voice | your camellian eyes, your gift
for music | or was it the warmth | of your bosom against mine?

The night was passing | like a tourist in a strange land
and all I could do was count | the seconds | the minutes
the hours | and pray to them nameless gods | well,

including  Albert Einstein | that may this episode | this chance
encounter with you | never end | These days I look at lyric
sheets | and I hate myself | for singing those songs back then

when I first met you | For now they are all meaningless
without your strumming | without red wine or beer | or deathly
porcine cholesterol | without you | Now all I could do is sleep

all day, sleep all day | over and over | and over and over again

There’s a certain sadness in the endless pleasure a single night
brings  to us lonely people | Maybe the problem is | one of us
is more lonely | or the other is much less alone | Or is it

because both of us | can’t look at the stars now? | I know I sin  
And I know you sin  | But what I really want to do is sing  
all day, sing all day | over and over | and over and over again

But I had lost my tongue | will someone else please find my song?

Poem has reference to these songs:
Stars (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals) and Sleep All Day (Jason Mraz)

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