Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Dandruff Monologue

by Ewong
for the Starbucks Smacker

I cling to you like the embrace of a woman
yet I annoy you like an unwanted suitor
Sometimes I interpret your frequent
caresses as a sign of your affection

but now I know that they are only
meaningless affectations like things
or food or people that grow on you,
or perhaps like the hair on your head

which grows long like a lazy Sunday
morning song. Yes, on top of you,
there’s my home sweet home. Yet you
despise me so much, despite knowing,

deep in your bone, that scratching
me off gives an inexplicable sensation
like being kissed on the lips by the man
of your dreams, under poetic moonlight

and dancing fireflies in a princess’s garden,
or perhaps like that infinite moment a boy
is no more a boy when he’s discovered
at last the wonders of a woman’s nipples

You hate me now and feel so much
shame for having me, but you can’t,
and won’t, let go of me so easily. You
go ahead and try whatever chemical

but I tell you, I’m as strong and natural
as the sight of wind-blown cherry
blossoms, painted by the gods perfectly
for the purposes of our romance

You’ll see, my dear friend, you
will not be well rid of me, because
for me to leave you completely,
your hair, your whole hair, has to go

as well into oblivion. But perhaps there,
in that desolate realm of the abandoned,
your hair and I, just the two of us,
can be friends, then make love, and have

lots of baby hairs and little more of my kind.
Perhaps your hair and I can be truly happy,
without your scalp, without your head.
Without you. Maybe it’s better that way.

When I’m far gone, when you’re old
and wrinkled, with no hair, not even gray
or white, perhaps then you’d finally realise
that I was more than the miserable scum

you shook off with inconsolable fury,
that I was, in fact, those little snowflakes
ever so slowly, enchantingly
falling from your sweet head.


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  1. This s so nixe Ewong! Who'd have thought dandruff can be so romantic?! Mwah!

    (At butinman pwede na ulit mgcomment sa blog mo! Txt u l8r)