Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mannequin

by E. Wong

                                  Swept   he is
by unbearable malice
in undressing
a mannequin
It was easy finding you
among the throng of strange souls
First off the blouse
and the skirt
then his hand on her feet up her legs
‘tween her thighs to her waist
but she has no
A big red umbrella
between you and the sun
she’s always been the woman
in daydreamings
of a night watch
You want it red

so in the day’s brightness

you’d be blushing
your heart’s breaking
Now seek
such plump breasts touch her
the center
of life impenetrable
Such sumptuous lips kiss her
but she has no
But, my love,
how about on rainy day?
Stunned by
her subtle smile
he brings her back
to her spot by the window
with a new dress
yes, envy
such steady
Do you want the world
to see your bleeding?
*written sometime in April 2010
**For ______ whom I undress with my eyes, always...

***Written on those malling days during summer, inspired by the mannequins in shops' glass windows; the umbrella element I got from my highschool friend ("ka-loveteam") Cherie Keitch, who, I remember Kred saying, loved red umbrellas because she would blush naturally under it.


  1. "she" is still there, somewhere near, am still waiting for "her" to undress for me again, haha