Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On the utter randomness of things

by E. Wong

how it falls

the further our attempt at measurement
somewhere a faucet cries alone
its drama felt the house over
explodes then be consumed
by mercy of earth always always
without fail almost finally defining
forever this is nature of space you say
what is invisible or abstract
occupies endures

suppress not
voice inside tell me
baby sparrow breaks out
from mother’s shell yawns like sunshine
if too loud
let out like lahar create
ruins beautiful
beaches pristine
I believe you say
humankind’s best friend
God’s greatest invention
so trust again I may
out of everyone in the din
we will be found

when at last a thing becomes an object
we do only two acts of love

we sin
we sing

*artwork: "Number 8" (Jackson Pollock, 1949)
**poetry written sometime in April 2010
***as this is the poem after which this blog is named, this pretty much expresses my consciousness of the world, my concept of love, my faith in entropy, and....

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